The Signumat system is not only practical and well thought-out. Our identification technology also represents a great potential for still untapped fields of operation. And exactly for this reason, we also attempt to incorporate our know-how project by project into other areas, in which identification with tough tags would be of essential importance.


Identification of Origin Tropical Wood

Latschbacher with Signumat has an intelligent system of labelling ready for reducing the illegal felling of forests and unlawful trading of tropical wood. Identification of individual trunks and seamless tracing ensure controlled lasting use of resources.


Veneer Mills

Only the finest wood is used for manufacturing veneer. Seamless tracing of ownership claims and origin is especially important in economic terms. In addition, matching the trunk to wooden components should be determinable as long as possible even after the boiling process. Exactly for that reason we use heat resistant tags, specifically designed for this purpose – available, of course, in different sizes and designs.